Terms & Condition

Terms & Conditions


The price offered is the promotional price. Prices can change at any time. 

A deposit of 50% of the price cannot be withdrawn if the client cancels the project. 

The deposit will be returned if the project cancellation comes from the designer's side.


Unlimited Revision

There are some exceptions, in this case, we will not make revisions:

  • The concept changes after the client approve the final design and have received the final file delivery.
  • Post-approval revisions can be made and are subject to a fee at one stage of the revision request.


Design Process

  • We strive to provide the first draft designs on an agreed time scale on business days. Please note that Sundays and public holidays do not include business days. Please provide clear and constructive feedback regarding the design.
  • If within 90 days the client does not return since the last design proposal was submitted, then we consider the project has been canceled by the client.


We reserve the right to charge extra fees where:

  • The client asks for a change of name or asks for a series of new designs that come out of the brief that the client gave when started.
  • The client asks to complete the design in a faster time. We are happy to do this. We will charge for the design process request faster than the agreed time.


All rejected concepts are still the property of the designer.